Here is a quick link to our most current needs including Basic Essentials, Afghan Allies support, and current disaster support

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Want to help from your couch?  Here is way to order items that we need and have them sent directly to the CRC                 

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Wanting to give to help financially sustain the CRC during this troubling times?  Here are way to support us financially

CRC Intiatives

Be a Hygiene H.E.R.O.

During these 24 hours of giving, we’ve got a big goal to raise $5,000 which provides a hygiene kit for 1,000 students experiencing homelessness. For just $5 – the cost of your morning coffee or your drive-through lunch, you can give a student the gift of hygiene, the gift of health, and the gift of dignity.

Our Programs

What our partners say about us:

vanessa melius


I volunteered to help unload kits and had an amazing day. It was so wonderful to see the residents come down and interact with the social workers as they picked up their kits. The gratitude and human kindness I witnessed yesterday will sustain me for a long time. It makes me proud to work for MDHA and grateful to have such incredible and generous partners like Community Resource Center and the Frist Foundation. 

melvin fowler

Fifty Forward

Partnering with CRC has been one of our greatest partnerships. When Covid 19 shut everything down 7 months ago, CRC came to our rescue. FiftyForward Bordeaux was able to pick up FREE items to share with members. The items became a lifeline for our members.


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Don’t forget to register for the upcoming live storytelling event, Stories of Belonging, TOMORROW at 6 pm in honor of World Refugee Day!

Join the @crcmidtn @tnimmigrant @catholiccharitiestn @amactn @tenx9nashville @weareinspiritus @uwnashville and the Tennessee Office for Refugees as we hear true stories from refugees living in Nashville, and learn how you can get directly involved with the organizations working to empower our neighbors.

To register, visit @nicenashville and click the link in their bio! We hope to see you there!

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❤️ Check out these goodies! ❤️

One of our FAVORITE parts of the day is when the Amazon delivery truck shows up in our parking lot. 🚛


Because it means amazing people like YOU sent hygiene items to us from our Amazon Wishlist!! 💌

Every day, our amazing community sends us the hygiene items we need to keep our shelves stocked for our neighbors in need. At a time when prices are high and supply is low, it is CRITICAL that the CRC continues to meet the hygiene needs of our community.

Giving the gift of hygiene couldn’t be easier — just click the Amazon Wishlist at the link in our bio and purchase any of the items on our Dignity List! Your donation is shipped straight to the CRC and goes right back out our doors to support neighbors experiencing hygiene insecurity.

Thank you to our community for filling our shelves (and our hearts) with love and dignity for our neighbors!! ❤️ We couldn’t do this work without you!

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Words can't do justice to how grateful we are to you for your support of the CRC today. It's unbelievable to think that we can provide over 2,000 hygiene kits to students in need because of you.

But there's still one hour left.

There are roughly 600 students who still need our support. Can you help us reach this final goal so that we can provide a hygiene kit to EVERY student experiencing homelessness in Metro Schools?

Regardless of what happens with this final goal, please know that we are in awe of you. We are ending this day with the fullest of hearts for you: our advocates, our supporters, our heroes.

Friends, it is an honor to do this work together.

Donate at the link in our bio > click “Big Payback 2022”. Venmo us at @crcnashville

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A middle school student being too embarrassed to talk to a friend because he hasn’t been able to brush his teeth

A high school student being too ashamed to participate in sports because she doesn’t have laundry detergent to wash her uniform

A mother having to make the difficult choice between paying rent, buying food, or sending her child to school in a clean set of clothes

A teacher, who barely makes enough to support her own family, buys deodorant and feminine hygiene products for her students to make sure their basic needs are met

Though critically important to health and human dignity, hygiene items are almost always overlooked when it comes to basic needs.

Friends: let’s make sure that ALL our students have access to these basic yet ESSENTIAL items.

Because everyone is worthy of being clean.

Make your Big Payback donation before 6 p.m. tonight at the Link in our Bio or on venmo at crcnashville

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There’s just THREE hours left to support the CRC for this year’s Big Payback. Thanks to you, we’ve raised over $11,000, which provides 2,000 hygiene kits to students experiencing homelessness.

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but can you help us get to $15,000 by the end of the day?


We’ve got a dream - a dream that every single backpack that gets distributed by Metro School’s H.E.R.O. Program will have a hygiene kit included.

That’s more than 3,000 students who will receive the gift of hygiene and human dignity.

We’re asking you to help us make that dream a reality - not for us, but for the students and families who need your support.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again:

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Today, in these last few hours of the Big Payback, let’s be that village.

Donate by 6 p.m. tonight at the link in our bio by clicking “Big Payback 2022” or Venmo us at @crcnashville

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Here’s the reality: our students cannot be expected to be present at school and ready to learn if their most basic needs are not being met. ❤️

Hear from our friends at the H.E.R.O. Program about why these resources are so important for the students and families they serve.

Can you give the gift of basic needs?

Support the CRC for this year’s Big Payback by donating now at the link in our bio (select The Big Payback) or Venmo us at @crcnashvile

For every $5 you give, the CRC can give a hygiene kit to a student in need. ❤️

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We're so excited to tell you about the amazing partnership that inspired this year’s CRC Big Payback goal. The @metroschools H.E.R.O. (Homeless Education Resource Outreach) program exists to support the 3,000+ students in Metro Schools who are experiencing homelessness. Learn more about the H.E.R.O. program from our friends, Eliana and Kathleen.

Can you help support this important partnership?

Donate now at the link in our bio by clicking “Big Payback 2022” or Venmo us at @crcnashvile

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The Big Payback Starts NOW!

Every day, more than 3,000 @metroschools students leave school without a stable place to lay their head at night. These students and their families are living in hotels, homeless shelters, on a friend or family’s couch, or sometimes in their car. These 3,000 students face significant barriers in meeting their most basic needs, let alone coming to school every day.

Yet, despite all this – these students and their families are resilient. These incredible young people, some barely just 4-years-old, desperately want to be at school – to learn, to laugh, to play and to write a new story for their future.

And that’s why the Community Resource Center is participating in this year’s Big Payback event – because we want to make sure that these incredible students have the basic essentials they need to come to school every day.

Over the next 24 hours, the CRC has a big goal to raise $5,000, which provides a hygiene kit to 1,000 of our students who experience the daily struggle of homelessness. And thanks to you, we’re nearly HALFWAY to our goal!

Can you be a Hygiene H.E.R.O. and help us reach our goal??

Donate now at the link in our bio - Click “Big Payback 2022” or Venmo us at @crcnashvile

Together, we can make sure our most vulnerable students can come to school every day feeling clean, confident, and ready to learn.

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EXCITING NEWS! Our amazing friends at @fleetfeetnashville are MATCHING your Big Payback donation to the CRC!

Mark your calendars: From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. tomorrow, @FleetFeetnashville will be matching all Big Payback donations to the CRC up to $2,000 - meaning your DOLLARS and your IMPACT will be doubled! 👏👏

Need more reason to give? How about a chance to win some CRC swag?! We'll be randomly choosing 5 people who donate between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. on May 5 to win a CRC t-shirt, a CRC tote bag or a CRC travel mug.

AND! Anyone who gives $100 or more on May 5 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. will automatically receive all 3 items!!

We hope you’ll join us tomorrow by skipping that Starbucks run or that midday drive-through and pay it forward to a student in need!

Donations can be made at the link in our bio (Click “Big Payback 2022” or on Venmo to @crcnashville

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