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We are so excited to launch our newest event, Dishin’ Up Dignity – the CRC’s inaugural International Women’s Day luncheon, featuring a conversation on period poverty and its impact on students in Middle Tennessee.      

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vanessa melius


I volunteered to help unload kits and had an amazing day. It was so wonderful to see the residents come down and interact with the social workers as they picked up their kits. The gratitude and human kindness I witnessed yesterday will sustain me for a long time. It makes me proud to work for MDHA and grateful to have such incredible and generous partners like Community Resource Center and the Frist Foundation. 

melvin fowler

Fifty Forward

Partnering with CRC has been one of our greatest partnerships. When Covid 19 shut everything down 7 months ago, CRC came to our rescue. FiftyForward Bordeaux was able to pick up FREE items to share with members. The items became a lifeline for our members.


🎶 On the First (and final!) Day of Hygiene, the CRC gave to the community … 🎶

🧽 🫧 🧻 193,326 Cleaning Supplies 🧽 🫧 🧻

In 2020, we all learned just how important it is to have cleaning supplies 🧽 and paper products 🧻 … and how stressful it is when you can’t get the supplies you need to keep yourself and your family healthy.

We never want our neighbors to have to choose between food on the table, gas in their tanks, or a healthy home. Which is why we distribute hundreds of thousands of cleaning supplies throughout the year, including disinfectant wipes and spray, dish soap, sponges, bleach, trash bags, paper towels and toilet paper.

With your help, we’re giving our neighbors the supplies they need to keep themselves, their loved ones, and their homes healthy and clean ❤️

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🎶 On the 2nd Day of Hygiene, the CRC gave to the community… 🎶

👶 92,360 Baby Wipes 👶

Did you know that newborn babies will go through 900 baby wipes a month?! Frustratingly, baby wipes are NOT covered by any government assistance program - not even WIC, the program specifically for Women, Infants, & Children 😡

Clean babies are healthy babies, which is why baby wipes are SO important. We are so grateful to our community for keeping so many babies healthy and clean in 2022 ❤️

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🎼 On the 3rd Day of Hygiene, the CRC gave to the community … 🎼

🧺 97,398 bottles of laundry detergent 🧺

Did you know that the average family in the US does 8 to 10 loads of laundry EVERY week?! That’s a LOT of laundry … and a lot of money to spend on detergent (which is SO expensive!).

There is SO much dignity in being able to wear a clean pair of clothes - and that’s a feeling that ALL our neighbors deserve 👚👖👔🧦

Thank you to our community for giving loads of love to our neighbors this year 🧺 🫧 ❤️

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🎶 On the 4th Day of Hygiene, the CRC gave to the community … 🎶

Over 146,000 tubes of #toothpaste !! 🦷 ❤️

Did you know that the average child #smiles more than 400 times a day?! We are so grateful to our supporters who brought healthy smiles to so many in our community in 2022 ❤️


With just THREE days left, we’ve already hit the MILLION ITEM mark! 🤩 That’s right, we gave out more than ONE million essential items this year 😯 ❤️

Stay tuned to see which everyday items are still on our list! 🧺 🧽 🍼

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🎼 On the 5th Day of Hygiene, the CRC gave to the community 🎼

👶👶 107,474 Diapers! 👶👶

Did you know that 1 in 3 mothers in our community can’t afford #diapers for their child? So many times, moms are forced to leave diapers on longer than they should because they struggle to afford the staggering costs of this essential need. And, what’s even MORE frustrating is that diapers are not covered by ANY government assistance program! 😡

The CRC distributes diapers and other baby essentials throughout 7 counties in Middle TN to support our hard-working #mamas out there ❤️

Thank you to our community for your help in keeping our #babies healthy and clean in 2022 ❤️ 🧷

5 0

🎶 🫧 On the 6th Day of Hygiene, the CRC gave to the community …. 🫧 🎶

🧼 144,418 bars of soap and body wash 🧴

Nearly every Hygiene Kit we distribute includes a bar of soap. Why? Because soap is the greatest tool we have in preventing painful skin infections and reducing the spread of disease! Plus, soap and body wash makes us all FEEL healthy and clean! ❤️

Thank you to our supporters for helping us give the gifts of soap and hope to so many neighbors in 2022 ❤️ 🧼

We’re already halfway through the week and have revealed over 800,000 🤯 hygiene items you’ve helped us distribute this year!! Stay tuned for the 5th Day of Hygiene tomorrow, friends!! Any guesses on what might be revealed next? 👶🧺🧽🧻

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🎶 On the 7th Day of Hygiene, the CRC gave to the community … 🎶

🪥 205,247 toothbrushes brushing!! 🪥

That’s a LOT of clean teeth!

This year, toothbrushes were our MOST distributed product! Thank you to our supporters who kept so many smiles healthy and bright in 2022 😊 ❤️ 🦷

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🎼 On the 8th Day of Hygiene, the CRC gave to the community…. 🎼

137,702 sticks of Deodorant! 🤩 😮 🤩

Deodorant is one of the most expensive hygiene products and ALWAYS one of our most requested items …. (we serve over 300 schools)!

Thank you to our supporters for Decking the Halls with Deodorant in 2022 ❤️

#holidays #Christmas #giveback #12daysofchristmas #hygiene #nonprofit #nashville #MiddleTennessee #deckthehalls

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🎵 On the 9th Day of Hygiene …

You helped us distribute 151,136 bottles of shampoo this year!! 🧴 ❤️

😮 That’s almost 3,000 bottles a week! 😮

🧴 Shampoo is always one of our most requested products. Thank you to all our supporters who made sure there was enough shampoo on our shelves all year long 🧴

Any guesses on which hygiene item we’ll highlight next?! 👇

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Today marks the FIRST day of 10 Days of Hygiene here at the CRC ❤️

Over the next ten days, we’ll be sharing just how many products YOU’VE helped give to our Middle Tennessee neighbors throughout 2022. Each day will feature one of our Top 10 Core Products and how many of those items we’ve distributed this year!

Be sure to follow along as we reveal our TOTAL IMPACT for 2022 🧼 ❤️ 🧴 🎉

Do you have any guesses for how many total hygiene products we’ve distributed this year?? Drop them below 👇 😉 The person closest to the actual answer wins some CRC swag 👕 👜 ❤️

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Got plans Friday night? Come ring in the holiday season with the CRC and @thegulchnashville ❄️ ⛄️

The CRC team will be on site from 3-6 pm as part of this year’s Gulch Holiday Market! We’ll be collecting hygiene essentials AND selling the VERY LAST of our CRC Gingerbread Houses for just $35!! What a STEAL! 🍭 🍬

Grab your coat (and some shampoo 🧴) and come see us! Enjoy delicious eats and treats while doing some holiday shopping from local favorites 🛍

A special thank you to @gulchevents for including us in this special event! 🌟

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❤️ Compassion. Kindness. Radical Generosity. ❤️

That’s what #GivingTuesday is all about it. And that’s EXACTLY what you did. 🫶

Thanks to this incredible community, the CRC raised over $15,000 this GivingTuesday - which exceeded our goal!

Because of your support, we can say YES to every child, individual and family who who has asked for our help this holiday season!

We are so grateful to everyone who donated, shared and supported us in this effort. It takes a village to do this work and we’ve got the best one around ❤️

Thank you for always showing up when we need you most. We couldn’t be more grateful for each and every one of you 🌟

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Isn’t that what it’s all about?!

We got this note from a neighbor after he received his monthly hygiene kit. He didn’t thank us for soap, lotion, or laundry powder - he thanked us for love ❤️

We’re on a mission to love as many neighbors as possible this holiday season by providing free and consistent access to life’s most basic needs.

If you’re still looking to give back this #GivingTuesday, we’d be honored to have your support. Your donation, big or small, helps put love in motion.

Let’s love our neighbors well, friends. It’s the best gift we can give ❤️

Visit the link in our bio to donate.

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📣 Hygiene Supplies are School Supplies

This November, the CRC has provided over 80,000 free hygiene items to 217 schools across Middle Tennessee.

And next month? We need to provide 116,000 hygiene supplies. Why? Because that’s how much teachers and school staff members have ALREADY requested for the students and families they serve.

This #GivingTuesday, we need your help to fill the CRC shelves. Your donation will provide the essential supplies our children need just to come to school every day.

🚫NO student should ever have to come to school feeling unclean. 🚫NO parent or caregiver should ever feel incapable of meeting their child’s most basic needs.

Donate now at the #GivingTuesday link in our bio. Just 7 hours left to help us meet our goal! ❤️ 🧼 🫶

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