Interested in Becoming a Partner Agency

The Community Resource Center has more than 325 Partner Agencies located throughout our 7-county service area in Middle Tennessee.

Partner Agencies receive basic essentials and hygiene items for distribution in their communities. A Partner Agency is a non-profit agency or church that has completed the application process and met specific requirements in order to receive essentials from, and partner with, the Community Resource Center.

Partner Agencies include food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, childcare facilities, senior centers, group homes, and youth enrichment programs. Partner Agencies may order monthly from the Community Resource Center and distribute the items received to those they provide services for.

Becoming a Partner Agency saves organizations valuable money and time, which allows them to apply those scarce resources to serving their clients. Participation as a Partner Agency is limited to churches that meet requirements or 501c3, tax-exempt organizations incorporated for the primary purpose of serving the ill, needy, or children. Clients of Partner Agencies must be able to receive essentials from the organization without paying a fee, performing a service, or attending a religious service/lecture.

To become a Partner Agency, the agency must meet specific requirements and complete the application process. You also will be asked to participate in a New Partner Agency Orientation. Orientation are booked monthly. After receiving the completed application and other required documentation, the Community Resource Center will conduct a site visit at your location to monitor where items will be stored and distributed.

Complete the initial interest form below. If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].